The goal: personalized medicine that saves lives.

We are all unique. Our differences and individuality are what make us a formidable species. Every single individual's thinking is valuable and what makes a community strong.

Evolution gave us these values, but evolution also makes mistakes. We aspire to fix some of these mistakes.

Fitness to the environment no longer needs to be an evolution force. We aspire to help to bring health for everybody, health that brings the same opportunities for every individual thinking.

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Software engineering

Our main expertise is in software development. Turns out that this is also a very significant field in the development of personalized medicine.


This is actually a personal project, not an industrial one. Researching new methods and tools is the goal; selling software is the means to fund this goal.


This project is born from the beginning from an unusual perspective: developing science out of Academia but also not from a purely commercial point of view. Being subject to the established is not in the DNA of this project.