• On what platforms does it run?

    There are actually Linux x86 64bits and Windows x86 64bits versions available.

  • What are the limitations of the free version?

    The free version does not provide multiple-alignments of the reads that form the contigs nor quality metrics. Also, the number of concurrent threads is limited to 16 and commercial use is not allowed by the EULA. Finally, the results need to be visualized in a webpage (you can then download these in FASTA format from that page).

    Despite the limitations, the free version is more than enough to work with viral sequences.

  • How to visualize results in the free version?

    The results from the free version can be visualized at https://viewer.contignant.com. First load the file and the data will be imported. Then you can export to FASTA format.

    All data remains always in your computer. No data is sent to our servers. If you want to export to FASTA format directly from the software, you need to acquire a license.

  • What does the license include?

    Licenses include the right to use the software under the established conditions, software updates while the license is active, and support by email or online forum.

  • Do you make discounts for multiple licenses?

    Yes, you can use the contact form if you need more than 5 licenses.

  • What are the requisites to run the software?

    You can see in the documentation the dependencies. Also, you actually need an internet connection to activate the license and to validate it every few days. But contact us if you need manual activation of the licenses.

  • What kinds of genomes can it assemble?

    It have been tested for now with viral and bacterial genomes. It can work for larger genomes if enough computational power is applied (memory and number of cpu's).

  • What kind of NGS technologies does it support?

    It has been successfully tested with data from Illumina, Ion Torrent, BGI, and 454/Roche. In some cases it has also worked effectively with Nanopore data but this option is not officially supported for the actual version: will be available in a next update.